Michigan Home Inspection Fees

The difference between Professional Providers on any house is $10 to $30.  We all have the same costs of providing professional service.   All home inspectors are not created equally!   Especially in Michigan since Home Inspectors are not licensed nor regulated.  We  shop our professional competition regularly.   Having been in business since 1975 we know the PROS and the not so…   we find the typical inspection fee difference between professional providers to be $10 to $30 on same sized homes because professional providers all have the same costs of doing business.  

Always be careful for Cheap Charlie 

It’s been said for generations because it’s true …  “You get what you pay for!”

What we’ve found about low priced inspectors:

bullet image Are not really a company: they work off of their cell phones, calling themselves a company when really they’ve created a job for themselves.
bullet image Here today maybe..and in this economy…Likely gone tomorrow.
bullet image Cut the inspection time. They do quicker, less thorough inspections.
bullet image Not willing to send you copies of their insurances because they do not carry the necessary insurances to protect you nor themselves.
bullet image Are not professionally trained and have not served an apprenticeship (Inspectors like this are more likely to miss major problems in your home).
bullet image Do not belong to a recognized national inspector association. Associations require continuing education so inspectors are educated to protect you & your investment.
bullet image Do not offer any Guarantees.
bullet image Have not taken or can’t pass the National Home Inspector Exam.
bullet image Are new and don’t know the cost of business. They will not be in business for long.
bullet image No post inspection support to buyers.
bullet image Many here today and maybe/likely gone tomorrow.

Ask yourself, is the cost the most important factor in protecting your family and investment, or is QUALITY your deciding factor?      Did you buy the cheapest home or the best value?

With over 1,000 inspectors in Michigan (and no state licensing or oversight) only 173 have attempted the National Home Inspector Exam.  Only 106 passed. 9 out of 10 Michigan home inspectors have not passed the exam!

We have enough confidence in our fee to include it in our 200% guarantee  (see our 200% Guarantee)

This is my 4th home inspection since 1991 and by far the best inspection I ever received.”
(Connie J.-C. Livonia, MI Inspection #2604009)

Hiring the cheapest inspector might save you $100 today but cost you thousands next month, or next year.  Be very careful in selecting your home inspector… Especially in Michigan … Be Very Very Careful.   Just as you are in buying your home.

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